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A question came up recently at work about how to use a filter statement entered as a complete string variable inside dplyr’s filter() …

This is just a small note (mainly for myself but hopefully may be of some use to a few others!) to remind of how to update a package on …

Downloading the data Shiny App I recently saw this great post on Nathan Yau’s FlowingData website which guesses a person’s name based …

How resources are grouped in CKAN Initialising ckanr and exploring groups of resources Connect to CKAN with dplyr and download from one …

A Learning Exercise Workflow I created my first ever R package and got it released onto CRAN in March 2019. It’s taken me a while to …



R Training Resources and Tips

A short list of resources and tips to help with learning some R basics, with particular focus on the tidyverse.


An R package containing standard templates for use by Public Health Scotland.

objectremover RStudio Addin

An RStudio addin to assist with removing objects from the global environment. Features include removing objects according to name patterns and object type.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

A quick summary and demo of my experience of using the redoc package.

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We estimated HCV reinfection rates among PWID in Scotland pre and post-introduction of DAAs.

We conducted an external validation of six HCC prediction models for UK patients with cirrhosis HCV virological cure.

This study aimed to assess the prevalence of ownership and carriage of Take-Home Naloxone internationally among people who use drugs

We assessed the impact of rapid DAA scale‐up to PWID delivered through community services in the Tayside region of Scotland.

The study reviewed characteristics of individuals newly diagnosed with HIV following implementation of a national PrEP programme to …