Mortality rates among patients successfully treated for hepatitis C in the era of interferon-free antivirals: population based cohort study

This study compared mortality rates for patients treated for hepatitis C in the era of direct acting antivirals with the general population

Comparing Predicted Probability of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Patients With Cirrhosis With the General Population: An Opportunity to Improve Risk Communication?

We compared the predicted hepatocellular carcinoma probability for individuals with cirrhosis and cured hepatitis C with the general population

Declining incidence of hepatitis C related hepatocellular carcinoma in the era of interferon-free therapies: A population-based cohort study

This study explores the impact of interferon-free therapies on hepatitis C virus related hepatocellular carcinoma at a population level.

Competing risk bias in prognostic models predicting hepatocellular carcinoma occurrence: impact on clinical decision making

The goal of this study was to quantify the bias in estimating risk of hepatocellular carcinoma for patients with cirrhosis and cured hepatitis C.

Population-level estimates of hepatitis C reinfection post scale-up of direct-acting antivirals among people who inject drugs

We estimated HCV reinfection rates among PWID in Scotland pre and post-introduction of DAAs.

Performance of models to predict hepatocellular carcinoma risk among UK patients with cirrhosis and cured hepatitis C infection

We conducted an external validation of six HCC prediction models for UK patients with cirrhosis HCV virological cure.

Reduction in the population prevalence of HCV viraemia among people who inject drugs associated with scale-up of direct-acting antiviral therapy in community drug services: real world data

We assessed the impact of rapid DAA scale‐up to PWID delivered through community services in the Tayside region of Scotland.

Population impact of direct-acting antiviral treatment on new presentations of hepatitis C-related decompensated cirrhosis: a national record-linkage study

We examined the impact of the introduction of direct-acting antiviral (DAA) therapies on hepatitis C related decompensated cirrhosis (DC) through analysis of population-based data from Scotland.

Evaluating the population impact of hepatitis C direct acting antiviral treatment as prevention for people who inject drugs (EPIToPe) – a natural experiment (protocol)

This is a protocol paper for a natural experiment that looks at the population impact of scaling up hepatitis C treatment with direct acting antiviral treatments as a way to prevent disease transmission and reduce prevalence/incidence among people who inject drugs.

Emergence of Novel Psychoactive Substance injecting associated with rapid rise in the population prevalence of hepatitis C virus

This study provides one of the first epidemiological analyses of the association between NPS injecting and HCV among a population level sample of PWID.