Trying the ckanr Package

How resources are grouped in CKAN Initialising ckanr and exploring groups of resources Connect to CKAN with dplyr and download from one resource Downloading all resources from a dataset In previous blog posts (Hacking dbplyr for CKAN, Getting Open Data into R from CKAN) I have been exploring how to download data from the NHS Scotland open data platform into R. I’ve recently discovered that ROpenSci has a package to help with just this called ckanr and I wish I’d known about it earlier as it is really pretty handy!

Hacking dbplyr for CKAN

Aim Create a dummy database Test dbplyr’s SQL translation Modify dbplyr’s SQL translation Testing the dbplyr hack Concluding notes At the end of my first post on CKAN discussing how to use the CKAN API to extract data from the NHS open data platform directly into R, I talked about how it would be neat to write some wrapper functions to make this process a little simpler.

Getting Open Data into R from CKAN

Preamble Open Data in Scotland Querying CKAN Querying with Custom JSON Querying with SQL Conclusions and Further Ideas Preamble I’ve got lots of rough pieces of R code written as I’ve been exploring/testing various things in the past. A lot of this is currently stored in a pretty disorganised fashion so I thought it would be a good idea to start writing some of these up into blog posts – at the very least, this should make it easier for me to find things later!