Rafa 21 Grand Slams and gganimate

I’ve been a Nadal fan for a long time – right back to the days of the pirate-pants so yeah, really a long time. In all this time, Rafa has never been ahead in the grand slam race vs his biggest rivals… but that finally changed after the 2022 Australian Open! The win there was unexpected and came out of nowhere. The final against Medvedev has to go down as one of the best comebacks ever.

Post Number One

I suppose this is my hello world post – I’ve never been good at getting my messages out there (I’m minimally active on social media, etc) but this is part of my attempt to rectify that a little. I have wanted to start a blog for a long time and in fact, I previously started one but failed to keep it going (hopefully this time it’ll be different!). I had called that one ‘Quietly Analysing’ which was mostly inspired from a quote by Ian Hacking in 1936.